Readymix Concrete

Lrhaks ReadyMix concrete are the special mixers designed and manufactured by our company for foam concrete industry. They are widely used in CLC production at different scales, suitable for many applications: from a small production unit to a big automatic batching plant with PLC control system; from an electric driven unit used in industrial areas to an diesel engine driven unit used in remote rural and mountain areas or a jobsite where the three phases electrical line is not available.

The Lrhaks ReadyMix Concrete are equipped with horizontal shaft and double spiral ribbon blades which give reverse mixing action. The blade have "foam entraining fins ensuring a rapid and homogenous mix of the foam into the mortar. They also have high mixing speed thanks to powerful electric motor and gearbox giving you a high production capacity with a small mixer. All the bearings of the mixers are from Japan, designed to be mounted in a closed steel hub, isolated from water, dust and concrete, giving a long service life, free of maintenance.
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