About CLC

Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) is also known as "Foam Concrete" is a greater advantageous product for the past 4 decades in terms of strength, durability and cost savings. It is made from many air cells which are uniform┬Čly distributed throughout the concrete which create cellular structural material. It has 40 to 45% voids in total mass.

Since the early twentieth century, two ideas were developed to produce light weight concrete; Cellular Light Weight concrete (CLC) and Aerated Autoclave concrete (AAC). CLC is based on the idea that adding air bubbles to mortar would reduce its weight while at the same time improving the product guality. At present, the CLC blocks are the most "Eco-friendly" products due to its various advantages. That is why CLC is widely accepted by all European, Asian, Gulf, Russian and other Developed Nations.


  • Savings In Structural Costs

    AAC Blocks are 1/3 rd the weight of conventional clay bricks, thereby reducing the dead weight of the structure drastically. Studies show a reduction in steel by 15% and cement by 10% if AAC Blocks are used.
  • Fire Resistance

    Nucon Blocks are highly recommended for use in areas where fire safety is required. As these blocks are fire resistant from 2 to 6 hours depending on the thickness of the wall.
  • Pest Resistant

    The pest resistant properties (as the blocks are made of inorganic materials) of Nucon keeps termites away, avoiding damages and losses.
  • Sound Insulation

    Having a commendable STC (Sound Transmission Class), Nucon elements are appropriate material for wall construction.
  • Earthquake Resistant

    The manufacturing process gives the blocks commendable strength, maintaining its light weight property. This make the buildings earthquake resistant and gives it a longer life.
  • Water Saver

    For the curing process of Nucon Block walls, there is no need to water the blocks, only the mortar joints need to be cured which reduces the water consumption.
  • Minimum Storage

    The manufacturing of Nucon Blocks does not get affected by seasonal fluctuations due to which supply is available at all seasons so the Nucon Block buyers do not need to maintain large storage areas for Nucon Blocks.
  • Reduction Wastage

    Unlike conventional clay bricks which are prone to breakages, around 25%. Nucon AAC Blocks have almost nil breakages.
  • Time Saving

    Time consumed in building walls decreases due to large size and light weight of the Nucon (AAC) Blocks.
  • Energy Efficient

    Thermal insulation properties is one of the greatest benefits from using Nucon Blocks, as the Nucon Block wall helps maintain distinct internal and external temperatures saving energy costs.
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